Tips for Choosing a Safe, Comfortable and Charming Kitchen Floor

The kitchen is an important part of your home. Lots of your home activities carried out in the kitchen. From many kitchen elements, the floor is one important part that requires extra attention. You certainly want a kitchen that is comfortable, safe, but still charming, right? The following are tips for choosing a ceramic for your kitchen floor:

Choose Slightly Coarse Textured Ceramics

Ceramic texture for the kitchen is something that must be considered first. The kitchen is a place for cooking and preparing food. You also wash the dish in the kitchen. The kitchen floor exposed to splashes of water or oil, and it is making the floor slippery. It is highly recommended that you choose ceramics with a slightly rough texture to avoid slippery floors. However, do not you also choose ceramics that are too coarse or have an embossed texture. This type of ceramic tile will later make it difficult for you to clean the floor.

Bright Colors

In the process of cooking and preparing household needs, we often accidentally spill oil or other foods that cause stains on the floor. Some people then took the initiative to choose dark ceramics to avoid the floor looking dirty. But actually, this is not recommended because it will make you don’t want to clean the floor because the dirt is not too obvious. Bright color choices are perfect for making your kitchen visually brighter and more comfortable for activities. One thing to note is that don’t choose white ceramic. This color makes the dirt in the kitchen get exposed, especially if you are lazy to clean the floor. Choose a bright color, but avoid white.

Motives that are not boring

Although the kitchen is located in the back of the house, that does not mean you are ignorant of the visuals. In choosing floor tiles, make sure to choose an interesting pattern. Lots of ceramic floor motifs offered on the market. However, if you are the type of person who prefers something simple, you can choose a motif that has only one color.


You must calculate the budget as wisely as possible. Remember, to get good ceramics does not mean you have to pay too much. You must gather information related to the price and type of ceramics on the market. You can check the floor tiles for sale from Amber Tiles. Don’t forget to add the ceramic installation budget to your list.