Laptop rental offers many advantages ? the choice of the best and latest models, freedom from maintenance costs, quick and easy upgrades, reliable technical support and change of equipment in case your needs change or you come across any problem with the current equipment.

But above all, it is the cost effectiveness of the option compared to investing in new equipment that makes business owners rent laptops. Many rental plans and services are offered by different equipment rental providers. Before you look for a provider or choose a rental plan, you should be aware of the factors that influence laptop rental cost. This could play an important role in selecting the right plan and provider, and minimizing your total expense.

Factors influencing laptop rental cost

Location: The location where you need the laptops delivered could be one of the factors influencing your rental cost. If you are in the vicinity of the rental provider’s hub, you can get the benefit of low delivery cost, but if you are based out of a location far away from the provider warehouse, chances are, the provider will charge you hefty fees for delivering the laptop to your address. This is why you should try and identify locally located rental companies to save money on delivery costs.

Duration: The duration for which you require the laptops will have a direct bearing on the rental charges. Typically, rental providers offer discounts on long term rentals while short term plans are priced higher.

Add-ons: The add-ons you opt for with your laptops can also add to your final rental bill. You should check if you already have compatible peripherals like mouse, extra cables and external hard disks in your office inventory instead of asking the rental company to provide these. There may be some add-ons that you cannot avoid, for instance internal laptop components like a graphics card, but you should ensure that you pay only for what you need and nothing more. When you take laptops on rent, make sure you aren?t paying for any extra add-ons that are not required.

Bundles: If you need more than one type of equipment, you should bundle your requirement and ask your rental provider if he can offer any discount or special pricing for rental packages. Many rental providers offer great deals if you rent more than one type of equipment. You should also ask your provider to club all your equipments under one rental plan to derive maximum cost benefit.

Insurance: If you wish to protect yourself against any accidental damages to or loss of the rented laptops, you will need to get equipment insurance. This usually comes at an extra cost over and above your regular rental charges.

Renting laptops is usually more expensive than renting desktops as portable computing equipment are in high demand from business users and self employed professionals. But you can reduce costs of laptop rental by keeping the above factors in mind.