Ensuring security of servers and databases is an essential need for all workplaces. It is a crucial step for Network and Database administrators to provide a safe and secure working environment without any worries of vulnerability. Nowadays, protecting any network environment from online threats, frauds, and data theft is the most important task for Network and Database Administrators.

Cases of Credit Card Information theft and Personal Information theft are very common nowadays. The popularity of e-Commerce and online shopping is increasing. People have become dependent upon the internet for almost everything. They do not hesitate in providing their personal or banking information (credit card details or bank account details) to e-Commerce websites. Therefore, it is duty of the e-Commerce website owners to provide maximum security to these users.

Possible Security Threats for Servers and Databases

Hackers and cyber criminals have become more intelligent nowadays. For them, breaking any type of security takes just a couple of minutes, if the network is not properly secured. The most harmful threat is possibility of stealing crucial data from online servers.

In last few years, several cases of internal security violation have come into limelight, where employees were responsible for stealing or sharing data with external entities for their personal benefits. The resultant is that, nowadays not only external security is important, internal threats also can’t be overlooked.

Other major security issues are protection of crucial data from viruses, Trojans, and malwares. Protecting servers or databases from being crashed is also a tough but essential task for network administrators.

Security Solutions

Nowadays all software manufacturers give proper attention to security. Modern Operating Systems and Database Management Systems come with inbuilt security features. Security features like Firewalls and basic security from viruses are in-built with all modern operating systems. Databases also have fault tolerance and integrity features, different kind of locks impose access security to database.

To ensure maximum protection from any kind of vulnerability implementation of physical security as well as application security is required. Physical security can be ensured through restricting access to crucial areas for only authorized people, round the clock close circuit monitoring, and employing security personals. For Application Security, one has to adopt latest Antivirus Software, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Software, as well as strict passwords.

However, nothing is enough to provide you permanent security from intelligent but destructive cyber criminals. Therefore, regular assessment of security systems is very important to maintain complete protection of your crucial data and information.