There are tons of bad credit loans out there. These are probably your only option if you want financing, and your FICO score is low.

Where can you get bad credit financing? There are many places online that will not check your FICO score. However, they still have strict requirements.

First, you must have a checking account that has been around for greater than or equal to thirty days. That is where they will deposit the money after you have been approved.

Also, you have to have a steady income, and it should be at least one thousand a month or more. This is basically the collateral for the loan, because you are going to be using your next paycheck to pay off the cash loans. Finally,

you have to be a United States citizen and at least eighteen years old.

What are the terms? You can generally get a maximum of $1500 (Up to $500 if this is your first time). If you are a repeat customer, you can get $1500.

The amount you have to pay back is always going to be a quarter of what the loan is for. Therefore, if you take out $400, you will have to pay back $500 (this is just an estimate, you need to check with your lender for the interest rates before you making any loan) when you get paid.

When do you have to pay it back? Doing it on the day you get paid is the cheapest method. The majority of loans can be paid a bit later, but the late fees will add to the amount significantly. It is very important you pay it back on the payday. Otherwise, you could find yourself in trouble.

Tips: getting bad credit loans, Payday Loans, or cash loans might be a necessity. Just be sure you have the wherewithal to pay them back.