Xerox laser printers or copiers offer excellent quality and can boost the productivity in your workplace within a short duration of time. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to investing in Xerox laser printers and copiers.


You can enjoy the following advantages when you buy a Xerox laser printer:

1. High quality printing

High quality printing is one of the best advantages that come with the use of a Xerox laser printer. These printers provide print outs of the highest quality and do a great job on several paper styles and sizes. Your customers can never complain of a faded or poor quality print out when you make use of a Xerox printer machine.

2. Quick warm up time

With other standard printers, taking the first copy or print out can be a difficult task since the printer can take a long time to warm up. This is not the case with Xerox laser printers. These printers boast of a warm up time that is much faster than normal. The small sized Xerox printers for instance cam warm up within 20 seconds which is really good.

3. Solid history

The brand boasts of a long history and reputation. Business owners tend to be lured towards a Xerox brand of product owing to its excellent features and high quality products.


The following are some of the factors that can make this type of printer the wrong choice for you.

1. Size

A vast majority of Xerox copiers and Xerox printers are bulky and large and therefore not of the right size to fit compactly in a small office or home. Since these models are mostly aimed at business owners, they tend to be of larger size. However, from the point of view of home use, this bulkier size can turn out to be a disadvantage.

2. High Price

Their high price makes many people to stay away from purchasing this type of printer. As mentioned above, Xerox printers are mostly designed for a business-oriented market. Hence the average consumer may not be able to afford these printer types. Even the smallest monochrome printer can cost around $180.

3. Other problems

While the bigger models of Xerox laser printers offer a number of benefits, the issues associated with their use makes them a wrong choice for home use. For instance these units should be run continuously in order to maintain them in top form. Turning them off can make them to eject their printer ink cartridges each and every time which can lead to a lot of expenses by way of cartridge replacement and repair. Noisy operation and high electricity bills are other disadvantages of using these laser copiers or printing machines.

Even though Xerox laser printers cannot be considered to be the right choice for home use, they can add real value to your workplace. You can learn more about the various models of Xerox printers, their features and prices online before deciding on the best one or your use. Invest in the best Xerox printer today and see your productivity improving manifold!